Students from overseas partner institutions participated in PBTS

Date: July 21 and August 25, 2017
Venue: PBTS Room, Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Building, Ochanomizu University

    The 3rd class of students gave presentations to students from our overseas partner institutions participating in the July Summer Program. And in August, the 4th class of students formed, for only one day, a mixed PBTS team together with graduate students from Asian science universities, and had lively discussions. This gave students a chance to experience the difficulty of explaining in English what they are studying, as well as the difficulty of making people unfamiliar with their studies understand their research.
    Overseas students showed interest in the fact that PBTS involves students from different fields to conduct research in line with social issues, experiencing trial and error. After the group work, students were seen enjoying conversing with one another.
    This type of exchange with overseas students is an effective opportunity for this program in developing human resources that will be successful on a global level. We are planning to continue offering such programs with voluntary activities by students.

PBTS with graduate students from Asian science universities