Joint Meeting with Waseda and Keio Universities’ Programs for Leading Graduate Schools

Three universities participating in the Program for Leading Graduate Schools met for the first time in Ochanomizu University on August 27th under the auspice of a Joint Meeting. Students and professors from Waseda’s “Energy-Next PhD Program” and Keio’s “Program for Science for Development of Super Mature Society” joined this event. Twenty-six students from all programs participated. After each program and student’s introductions, students divided into teams and worked on how to scientifically approach different contemporary issues that pose serious social challenges (environmental policies, hyper-aging society / low birthrate, prevention of natural disaster etc.). The teams presented to the audience their results in the last part of the event and the best team was awarded “Best Presentation Award”.

This first joint meeting among the three universities was successful, with enhanced student involvement through exchanging research and study experience and activity participation with relation to their respective program. Also students were driven to speak English with each other most of the time. It was agreed to continue of the event and on holding the next Joint Meeting by participants.


Group discussion










Prof. Toru Asahi of Waseda Univ.


Project Prof. Kenichi Hatori of Keio Univ.

お茶大プログラムコーディネーター 古川教授

Prof. Hazuki Furukawa of Ochanomizu Univ.


Dr. Julien Tripette of Ochanomizu Univ.

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