4th Debriefing Session for Global Internship AY2018

poster    Global Internship is a program in curriculum for the minor course of Science and Technology for Global Leaders. In the program, students find their internship destinations by themselves considering their research themes in PBTS (Project Based Team Study) which is the core curriculum in the minor course. They are dispatched to corporations, research institutions, and universities home and abroad to experience long-term internship.
    They will report how their experience impact their future career development.
    Any students and university staff who are interested in the program are welcome to join.

Date & Time
Fri. January 18, 2019  12:20-13:30
Graduate School of Humanities & Sciences Building R604
12:20 Opening Remarks
12:25 Internship Report by Students (15 minutes each)

  • Humboldt University Berlin (Germany)
    Yuri Nakayama (Life Sciences, Human Environmental Sciences M2)
  • University of Florida (U.S.A)
    Pham Thuy Linh (Life Sciences, Biological Sciences M2)
  • High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, KEK (Japan)
    Misato Takahashi (Advanced Sciences, Physics D2)
    Moeka Nakayama (Advanced Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry D2)

13:25 Closing Remarks

Target Audience
Students and university staff who are interested in our Global Internship program
Ochanomizu University
Leading Graduate School Promotion Center