Voice of Students & Teachers

Voice of New Students (The 4th class of students)

What I would like to do in this program, and my future goals

Picture of new students MANABE Yuuka (Division of Advanced Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry)
I would like to improve my communication skills in English and my study skills as a member of a team. I want to work actively for society.

ODA Mutsumi (Division of Life Sciences, Biological Sciences)
I would like to be able to communicate with people in various fields through this program and to think about things from a new perspective. I also want to raise my English skill!

KOIKE Yuri (Division of Advanced Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry)
I would like to gain a wide range of knowledge and communication skills through involvement with people in other fields.

MIKI Haruka (Division of Advanced Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry)
I want to improve my English speaking and listening ability through classes. In the future, I hope to work on complex tasks as part of a team.

REN Dian (Division of Life Sciences, Human Environmental Sciences)
Enviromental issues, educational issues and human rights crises remain rampant throughout the world. We have the responsibility of fighting for a better future for our children. I would like to work on human care, using my knowledge of mechanical engineering with researchers from other fields to reduce the carbon footprint or stop food waste. During this process, I would like to conduct several experiments and try to become a well-respected researcher step by step.

NAKAYAMA Yuri (Division of Life Sciences, Human Environmental Sciences)
As specializing in welfare engineering and ergonomics, I would like to deal with themes related to human well-being and living. By engaging people in different fields and different languages, I want to be a scientist who demonstrates flexible thinking and profound expertise, and who contributes to society, especially in the field of welfare.

MATSUNAGA Reika (Division of Advanced Sciences, Mathematics)
I want to do collaborative studies with people in other fields and improve my English ability. In the future, I would like to adopt a flexible way of thinking and a broad perspective, and be a person who can conduct useful studies for society.

DO Thi Thuy Quyen (Division of Life Sciences, Human Environmental Sciences)
I would like to enhance my leadership with the spirit of “Action to realize the vision.” In the future, I want to contribute to turn Ho Chi Minh city to an eco-smart city and inspire people to live in harmony with the environment.

PHAM Thuy Linh (Division of Life Sciences, Biological Sciences)
Moreover, one of the program’s purposes is connecting different scientific fields to improve the negative effects in global issues. Being the program’s student, I could learn new fields and enhance my skills as well as background when participated with other students in teamwork.

Voice of Study Commons Teachers

What are the main points of this program?

Prof. RichardsGary Richards
Project Associate Professor (Chemistry)

Many of our students come from an educational background that is very much a teacher-centered experience, in which students play a largely passive role. So, to join our program, which aims to give a student-centered approach where the students actively decide on most of the important parts of their project including themes and topics, team membership, individual roles and experiment planning and execution, is a huge challenge. Another big challenge is to do all of this in English, which is not the first language of most of our students! I am happy to see that, although it can take some time for the students to find their feet in this new environment, we now have several very good teams working on very diverse areas of research, from water purification to anti-aging tea. The skills the students are learning in this program will be vital to enable them to compete at a national and international level in modern working environments.