Innovation Creation Fundamental Courses

Enforce Fundamental    To be an innovator, a broad knowledge of basic sciences that makes it possible to find and solve new problems over multiple fields is required on top of a deep specialty deserving of a doctorate. Especially, the abilities in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science need to be improved in order to cultivate the following powers which make you possible to innovate flexibly under changing conditions: “Creative Power from Zero”, “Modeling Power”, “Verifying Power”. In addition to those abilities, the knowledge learned from different specialties can widen your perspective. This program provides the courses that strengthen such basic abilities required for creating innovations.
    All classes in Innovation Creation Fundamental Courses are taught in English for training to utilize your expertise under global circumstances.

Innovation Creation Fundamental Courses

Course Outline

Lecture Schedule

Subject Lecture Schedule
Spring 2017
Lecture Schedule
Fall 2017
Essential Physics for Global LeadersⅠ2 credits 2017.10.11 – 
by Edward Thomas Foley
Essential Physics for Global LeadersⅡ2 credits
Essential Mathematics for Global LeadersⅠ2 credits 2017.4.10 – 
by Xavier Dahan
Essential Mathematics for Global LeadersⅡ2 credits 2017.10.05 –
by Xavier Dahan
Essential Computer Science for Global LeadersⅠ2 credits 2017.4.12 –
by Khayrul Bashar
Essential Computer Science for Global LeadersⅡ2 credits 2017.10.02 –
by Khayrul Bashar
Essential Chemistry for Global LeadersⅠ2 credits 2017.4.11 –
by Gary James Richards
Essential Chemistry for Global LeadersⅡ2 credits
Essential Bioinformatics for Global LeadersⅠ2 credits 2017.10.04 –
by Sabine Gouraud
Essential Bioinformatics for Global LeadersⅡ2 credits
Essential Engineering and Technology for Global LeadersⅠ2 credits 2017.10.24 –
by Julien Tripette
Essential Engineering and Technology for Global LeadersⅡ2 credits 2017.4.12 –
by Julien Tripette

: Compulsory Course,  : Elective Course (4 or more credits required)

* “Essential Ⅰ” is designed to learn fundamentals in each field and has no prerequisites.
* “Essential Ⅱ” is designed to expand and deepen the knowledge based on “Essential Ⅰ”, but “Essential Ⅰ” is not a prerequisite for this class.